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Privacy Policy

The basic purpose of this statement is to inform website users about what kind of information is collected about them and how the given data will be used and processes. Texila Digipedia uses electronic forms on their website in order to gather personal details for the purposes which are directly related to the function, service or the basic activity of the library. The completion and the proper submission of any form or details on this website lies entirely on the discretion of the site user. Personal information submitted on this website through various forms within the website is used for the following purposes

  • To support, administer, obtain and improve the feedback on the services
  • To assess the products and services of Texila Digipedia products and services due to the interest you have and even to personalize our services.
  • To identify and check the requestors of the new library resources
  • To assist in the continued improvement of the services of the library for the better of the user community.


We will even not inform or disclose all kinds of information, sell trade or even rent the users personal information to third parties without the concerned users permission.


Cookies ( Information Collected For Tracking )


Now to provide the best and easy experience to our website users, we may at times collect and even store non-personal identifiable information. Why we use this information is it allows us to learn and improve our website design. We never use it for any kind of commercial or marketing purpose.


The Texila Digipedia website uses a third party persistent cookie in order to collect information on how the website functions. Cookies are nothing but a small file which a website transfers to your computer in order to allow the website to remember specific information.


In case if you dont want to transfer the cookies to your computer, then you have the option to opt out by modifying the browser options. While you may still be able to access some of the features of the Texila Digipedia website, but certain features may not work quite well or can be unavailable for you.


Linking to the Texila Digipedia website


In case if you are linking our website, we request you to present the link in a manner which doesn’t create the basic impression that Texila Digipedia is expressing or implying endorsement of any kind of goods and services provided on the website. Plus the link should be presented in such a manner that it has to clearly indicate that the user is leaving one website and accessing another one.