Online Libraries| A new Approach to Information Systems

information-systemSummary: The online library provides access to all the information systems, in a flexible and reliable mode. In a world where the digital media dominates and becomes the leader in the information systems, even the old-fashioned traditional libraries with plenty of books  are rapidly handling the migration of the libraries from different shelves and racks to the online databases. Although the online medium is still a new platform, due to which it may take some time to become a mainstream same as the traditional library, it still offers the distinct and unique advantages over a physical library.

It is to be understood that an online library provides access to all the information in a brick and mortar library in a more reliable mode.  Obviously, reading books and magazines and other references in a traditional library can be often considered as the mercy of the publishers’ discretion with regards to the font style and size.  Moreover, the reading of books may become difficult via the small print of fonts. Henceforth it may be time consuming process.

On the other side, reading books online via the online libraries is often beneficiary to the user as it is available in different formats, including PDFs, Word, and HTML, etc. It also allows the user to zoom in or out or change the size of the text and to adjust the brightness and contrast of the computer to make it comfortable for reading. Searching for one line of text in a traditional book can be really time-consuming and complex. Dealing with paper books, it’s very complicated to search for important information within the source.

Searching for one line or paragraph can require multiple page flips and turns without success. In contrast, the online libraries that offer the ability to search the text, different options are made available such as the user can utilize the find option or a built-in search option wherein the specific section of the text can be found in a very short span of time at any instant. In a real world library, which is typically called as a traditionally, there are only a limited number of books available which can be accessed only by a very few people.  Free online libraries always have the relevant materials available irrespective of the time. It means that it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. In addition to this, it also offers access to the rare books and other sources for reference.

It is very rare to find a library that is open on all hours a day, but online libraries offer this unique advantage. A student can complete their research any day of the week, any hour of the day at any time. In addition, these libraries are available at the user’s fingertips, eliminating the need to drive or walk to the library.

Significance of Digital Libraries For Students and Academic Institutions

texila_digipedia_online_librarySummary: Nowadays, most of the libraries are filled with informative contents that are created and researched by famous scientist and scholars.

Online libraries and journal websites are becoming a boon for many people. They have become a source where people can not only harvest contents but, download them as and when required. Previously, individuals were more inclined to going to a library, checking out the shelves and borrowing the book or noting down the important points. Not only this was time consuming, but people literally had to travel from their home to the library.

However, with the advent of the Internet, people can relax at their homes and get the required contents in an instant. No more they have to wait and go to the physical libraries. With a PC and a decent internet connection, individuals can search for the required content as well as download it.

In addition, digital libraries and journal website have become portals for people to publish their researches and gain information to enhance their thesis and experiments. Nowadays, most of the libraries are filled with informative contents that are created and researched by famous scientist and scholars. These contents can be a great source of research materials for scientist in their experiments and based on the findings of these researches they can do a further research.

Such online libraries are advantageous for the scientific society as it acts as a reservoir for storage of critical information and findings. Since a lot of physical records of scientific studies and researches are getting destroyed and lost, online copies can be of great asset for the coming generations. It can help various individuals to know what kind of research was followed and how to expand those researches.

Digital libraries can enhance one’s knowledge by giving them access to multiple contents. It gives a great amount of choice and with a huge amount of selections; it becomes easy for people to expand their horizons in learning. And with this enormous amount of knowledge, individuals can share them with others and help in the expansion of education.

No wonder it is not surprising to see various universities and academic institutions having their own digital library websites. These online libraries act as an open source consortium for their students and teachers. It helps their students to access the required information related to the course they are studying.

Hence, one can say that digital libraries have indeed revolutionized the way education system functions. It has created an easy access for individuals to get the required information at a go and that too without any hassle.

Informative content related to Medicine available in Texila Digipedia

medicine booksSummary: Texila American University (TAU) has got store house of contents related to various topics like Public Health, Medicine, Emergency Medicine, etc.

Texila American University (TAU) has decided to expand its horizon in the field of Medicine and Emergency Medicine through its informative digital library – Texila Digipedia. Currently the awareness that people have of living a healthy life is very less. Most people are not even aware of the deadly and harmful diseases that are lurking in their lives.

A good awareness and knowledge can easily help people in knowing how to tackle such diseases and prevent from making any kind of damages. Through its digital library – Texila Digipedia, TAU has a store house of innumerable contents related to Medicine which any individual can download and access.

There are various contents related to topics like Human Body, Clinical Research, Anatomy, Drug Abuse, Hormones, Hormonal Imbalance, etc.  One can easy refer these topics in various formats like pdf, video, ppt, doc, etc. If an individual needs to read or download contents, he or she will have to register with the website and can easily download the contents. In addition, users can post their valuable comments and feedback in the “Post Comments” box.

TAU has initiated a new venture where students and researcher can contribute contents related to any topic. Any individual who want to contribute content related to topic of Medicine or Emergency medicine will first register with the website and once the registration gets successful, then he or she can start uploading contents. These contents will become live only when it gets approved by the PEER reviewer.

For TAU students this is an added advantage as they can get free credit course if they take part in this venture. The basic aim of starting this procedure is to develop the habit of research among students and expand their horizons in the field of academics.

An informative and interactive website of Texila American University, Texila Digipedia is filled with valuable contents related to various topics. This digital library is an valuable asset for students and can be easily accessible by anyone. To know more about this digital library, visit texiladigipediacom.