Where can I download Free Medical Books?

Free Medical Books downloadE-Books are a great way to read books on the go, without having to find space to save them. Whether you own an e-reader or are just curious about downloading books online, read the steps below to learn how to find eBooks for free.

More and more libraries are offering eBooks to check out, just like physical copies. This has some disadvantages – most notably, the fact that the library’s license only allows a few people to have the book “checked out” at any given time – but it’s the best (legal) way to read new eBooks for free.

You can usually sign up for the service at your library’s website, assuming you’ve got an account with the library. Once you’re in, you can browse the library’s selection and download or reserve books directly from the Internet.

The following are some of the sources wherein the students can either read or download the free eBooks related to medicine:

The books are organized by reading level and some even have audio files of the book being read aloud. Be aware that the image quality of some of the books is grainy.

In this day and age, the average author makes less money than ever before from book sales.  Over the next years, many textbooks will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice.

Higher Bisphenol A(BPA) Detected in People

receiptPeople are exposed to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) mainly through foods and beverages, especially those in cans. But BPA, a potentially harmful chemical, is also found on receipts, and new research shows the substance can indeed be absorbed into people’s bodies through the skin when they handle receipt paper.

In a new study, participants who handled receipts continuously for two hours showed an increase in BPA levels in their urine.

BPA, which is used in some plastics, the lining of cans, and other food packaging, is believed to have hormone-disrupting properties and has been linked to various health problems, ranging from obesity in teenagers to reproductive problems in adults. BPA is also used in thermal receipt paper as a color developer, and is found in other paper products, too.

Participants in the new study had, on average, a urinary BPA concentration of about 2 micrograms per liter at the beginning of the study, similar to the average level seen in the U.S. population.

After handling receipts for two hours with bare hands, the average BPA level in the participants’ urine increased to about 6 micrograms per liter. For comparison, the levels after eating a can of soup are about 20 micrograms per liter, according to the study published today (Feb. 25) in the journal JAMA.

The health implications of this type of exposure to BPA are not known, and larger studies are needed to confirm the results, the researchers said. But the findings may be relevant to people whose jobs involve touching receipts, for example cashiers, who handle receipts for 40 or more hours weekly, the researchers said.

The findings should not overly concern general consumers, who handle ATM or supermarket receipts for brief moments, said Heather Patisaul, an assistant professor of biology at North Carolina State University, who was not involved with the study.

It doesn’t look like the cash register receipts are going to be a big exposure problem for the average person,” Patisaul said. “I think people should just have an awareness that this is another possible route of exposure.”

The use of BPA in receipts is widespread. In a 2011 study, researchers analyzed about 200 samples of thermal receipts, mailing envelopes and printing paper collected from cities in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, and found BPA in 94 percent of the receipts tested. All of the receipts collected in the United States contained BPA — even some that were marketed as “BPA-free.”

Up until now, the focus has been on oral exposure from foods,” Patisaul said. The new study shows that “sources of BPA other than food are something we should consider when thinking about how people are exposed to BPA and other chemicals in their daily lives,” she said.

In the study, the researchers didn’t find a significant increase in BPA levels when participants wore gloves while handling receipts, suggesting that gloves could be a solution for those who often handle receipts and wish to reduce their exposure.

If people are trying to limit their exposure, I think the best thing that they can do is wash their hands when they’re done handling the receipts, or not take the receipt,” Patisaul said. from livescience

Online Library | Information Storehouse for Public Health Education

information-store-houseSummary:  Online libraries have been introduced to the digital world for easy references and other applications.
Assuring moderate access to sources of culture and knowledge for all was considered as a basis for the general strategy. Libraries that act as the information storehouses are finding new ways to serve their communities, according to local need.

Whatever is to be known can be discovered in the online library, whether or not one want to use the internet to discover it or to find it in a book, but libraries can also help an individual to learn how to use a computer.

Theoretical analysis and computational modeling are important methodologies to illustrate the proper functioning of the various systems of the human body. It is equally important to determine how they function, and understand the related factors. There are basic methods used for such purposes where the theoretical approaches have yielded an insight into the proper functioning of the nervous system.

There are a number of notable and fundamental differences as well as similarities between the approaches taken by public health professionals and clinical health care providers in their efforts to achieve optimal global health. Also curable and fundamental public health measures that impact the clinical manifestations of disease will be defined and categorized in brief. Lastly, the individual, societal and economic consequences of vision loss and public health efforts to reduce its burden will also be equally considered.

The focus of public health intervention is to improve health and quality of life through the prevention and curing of disease and other physical and mental health conditions, through surveillance of cases and health indicators, and through the promotion of healthy behaviors.

There are several processes that the Centre for Public Health Excellence follows to produce public health guidance. Information on the methods used can be found in Methods for development of NICE public health guidance.

The Essential Public Health Services provide the fundamental framework for the National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) instruments, by describing the public health activities that should be undertaken in all communities. Public Health is a critical element in the health care system. The services are population focused; for example, they are services and interventions that protect entire populations from illness, disease and injury.

Online libraries assist the students by providing relevant information and further reference. In such cases, these online libraries act as the information storehouses wherein the registered users can login to access the library. The users or the students can read free books online, for references.

Online Libraries| A new Approach to Information Systems

information-systemSummary: The online library provides access to all the information systems, in a flexible and reliable mode. In a world where the digital media dominates and becomes the leader in the information systems, even the old-fashioned traditional libraries with plenty of books  are rapidly handling the migration of the libraries from different shelves and racks to the online databases. Although the online medium is still a new platform, due to which it may take some time to become a mainstream same as the traditional library, it still offers the distinct and unique advantages over a physical library.

It is to be understood that an online library provides access to all the information in a brick and mortar library in a more reliable mode.  Obviously, reading books and magazines and other references in a traditional library can be often considered as the mercy of the publishers’ discretion with regards to the font style and size.  Moreover, the reading of books may become difficult via the small print of fonts. Henceforth it may be time consuming process.

On the other side, reading books online via the online libraries is often beneficiary to the user as it is available in different formats, including PDFs, Word, and HTML, etc. It also allows the user to zoom in or out or change the size of the text and to adjust the brightness and contrast of the computer to make it comfortable for reading. Searching for one line of text in a traditional book can be really time-consuming and complex. Dealing with paper books, it’s very complicated to search for important information within the source.

Searching for one line or paragraph can require multiple page flips and turns without success. In contrast, the online libraries that offer the ability to search the text, different options are made available such as the user can utilize the find option or a built-in search option wherein the specific section of the text can be found in a very short span of time at any instant. In a real world library, which is typically called as a traditionally, there are only a limited number of books available which can be accessed only by a very few people.  Free online libraries always have the relevant materials available irrespective of the time. It means that it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. In addition to this, it also offers access to the rare books and other sources for reference.

It is very rare to find a library that is open on all hours a day, but online libraries offer this unique advantage. A student can complete their research any day of the week, any hour of the day at any time. In addition, these libraries are available at the user’s fingertips, eliminating the need to drive or walk to the library.

Accessibility of Quality Public Health Contents In Texila Digipedia

Online-Library-texiladigipediaSummary: Even though there are valuable contents related to Public Health, still Texila Digipedia has started an innovative concept where individuals can present data related to Public Health. An individual can research contents in various formats like PDF, videos, Doc, PPT, etc.

One of the greatest innovations taken by the TAU is providing a suitable platform for individuals to know about Public Health. Through its digital library Texila Digipedia, it is creating an awareness about what public health is and how much it can improve the quality of life.

The dramatic achievement Public Health has bought in the 21st century is something to take notice. Not only it has improved the life of individuals, it has helped in increasing the life expectancy of people, elimination and reduction of various communicable diseases, worldwide removal of child and infant mortality rate, etc.

Keeping in mind of the trends in Public Health, Texila Digipedia has a store house of contents related to various topics and following are some of the interesting topics –

• Safer Workplace
• Vaccination
• Control of Infectious diseases
• Motor-Vehicle Safety
• Safer and Healthy Food
• Family Planning
• Fluoridation of Drinking water

Even though there are valuable contents related to Public Health, still Texila Digipedia has started an innovative concept where individuals can present data related to Public Health. An individual can research contents in various formats like PDF, videos, Doc, PPT, etc. These contents will be reviewed by experts and once it is apt, then it will become live on the website.

Such kind of innovation is of a great use, as it helps in ensuring that there is an abundant availability of suitable Public Health contents and it ensures that individuals will be able to expand their knowledge.

About Texila Digipedia
TAU started the digital library – Texila Digipedia to provide quality contents in the field of science and technology. To know more about the features and subjects present in Texila Digipedia, visit the website